Friday, October 24, 2014

Project Runway, Season 13: Decoy Collections: Emily Payne

Greetings, Project Runway fans!

Whew!  All this design blogging is exhausting.  In this edition, we are examining the decoy collection of Emily Payne, a designer that ran under the radar screen for longer than I would have predicted.  She was known for her edgy aesthetic.

And for her super awesome, Ewok hoodie!

As best as I can tell, there were no hoodies in this runway show, only edgy looks.

The show had a definite street vibe, all the way down to the shoes. I think the hair styling is a bit too spare and tight, however.  These pants are very wearable but the mini peplum in the top is too fussy and unnecessary, given everything else that is going on.

The wings on the collar of the outfit are stunning. Unfortunately, the rest of the seaming is not. The skirt is a horrible afterthought. I think the fabric choice and lack of execution time got the better of her idea here. I would have loved to see more pieces with a similar sculptural detail. Perhaps if she could spend more time on something like that, she might be able to come up with some memorable, signature looks. As it is, it looks like it belongs in another collection entirely.

The show featured two versions of this dress.  It makes everyone look pregnant and the fabric is incongruous with the rest of the collection. The jacket is interesting, but it doesn't elevate the dress and the dress doesn't accent the jacket.

This is where Emily loses me completely. A gathered "paper bag" waistline? Did you run out of time or did you mean to do this? Also, I'd kill the shiny fabric with fire. Did you really need to use shiny fabric for the final portion of a 10-look show that started off so street-edgy?

I'm sure when she sat back to watch this season on the TV, Emily said, "Whew! I guess it's a good thing I didn't make it to the final show because Nina would have skewered me for the sheer dress!" Not the most flattering sheer dress/shown underwear combination I've ever seen. The jacket, again, is way too fussy for everything that's going on in this outfit.

You can see her entire runway show on Blogging Project Runway. It appears that Emily has been wrapped up in her Project Runway experience and hasn't updated her blog or her DevonRose Etsy shop. Those are places to start if you like her designs or just want a super awesome Ewok hoodie for yourself. Winter's coming, after all!

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