Friday, October 24, 2014

Project Runway, Season 13, Decoy Collections: Sandhya Garg

Greetings, Project Runway fans!

As we plow our way to the finale, let's stop and take a look at the decoy collections that also showed at Fashion Week.  Up next is Sandhya Garg, a rather divisive contestant this season.

She was capable of great brilliance.

Sometimes, fun and playful.

But most of the time, quite puzzling.

There was always a story and a message. That was Sandhya's style. On the runway, the message sort of got lost, but now with sufficient time, we could see the design thought behind every piece.

Her first look was strong and elegant. "FEARLESS" is sewn in using shiny fabric in the same color. Each model's lip color reflects back on the color of the outfit. That sort of styling is a bit creepy, but designers use that sort of thing all the time to reinforce their color story.

Her show had the widest range of looks of any of the shows.  With just ten looks, cohesion becomes a problem if you're trying to show design range.

Still, these were some of the most visually arresting pieces in the entire Project Runway group of shows. It's rather sad that her competition pieces were so wildly inconsistent. 

 "LOVE" and "EXPLOSION" become an intricate print underneath an example of the intricate piecing that Sandhya loved to do in competition.

Perhaps this was the filmstrip dress she wished she could have made, had there been enough filmstrips in competition.

Every piece was a show stopper, but it looked as though she had three or four shows going on up there. Still, if you like what you see, visit her website.  There, you can see each look from Fashion week in detail, order a version for yourself, if you wish, or order something else.  She designs clothing and shoes and you may find her price points pretty reasonable (compared to other designers.)  THIS IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE FOR A LIMITED TIME, SO ACT NOW!

I also note that in past years, all runway collections were property of Project Runway.  I'm not sure what the current contract is, I'm only noting that after doing a handful of these, just about every designer website is featuring the runway looks and many of them allow you to order them custom-made.  I know of other past designers who do the same with their decoy and competition looks. So either that contract isn't air tight, there's an expiration clause, or it's not well enforced.

Which is good news, because, after all, these designers don't get paid.  If they get some recognition from Project Runway, they should be able to capitalize on it.  One more to go before the finales!

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