Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 Decoy Collections - fade zu grau

Greetings, Project Runway Fans!

As you know, having slogged through thirteen seasons of Project Runway, finalists get to show their collections at Fashion Week.  Trouble is, they've never been able to time the last show of the season with Fashion Week and still be able to give designers enough time to produce a full, ten-look runway show.

So this leaves us with extra designers, better known as "decoy designers" so that the Fashion Week attendees don't know who had left the competition.  fäde su grau was still on the show when people attended the runway show.  

fäde zu grau is originally from Germany and currently lives in Coral Gables, Florida.  His name appears to be play on words "fade to grey" in German, although there is no umlaut in the German "fade."  He's a well-studied and experienced graphic artist who has also made forays into interior design and furniture design.

fäde graced us all season with his cheeky t-shirts.

One of my favorite looks from this season was the lovely dress that fäde made for the Heidi Goes to the Schmemmys challenge.

So you know he can go glamourous if he wants to.

He didn't want to.  At this point, he knew he was no longer in contention so, what the heck.  Just put out what you want people to see.  Play to your strengths.

Here's a sample of the show:

A subtle commentary on his experience? No, actually, it's one of his catch phrases.

I'm always looking for a new turn on the old suit. This is fantastic.

Love the shorts. The shirt is another one of his catch phrases.

The top is pieced together in an intricate pattern. The colors are rich and fantastic. It's a lovely work of art.

The jacket is lovely.The shorts and boots work well together.
He presented comfortable clothes with an edge. There was nothing fussy or too dressy. It was squarely in fäde's wheelhouse.

You can see the whole collection on Blogging Project Runway.

You can also visit fäde su grau's website to look at more of his designs.

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