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Project Runway, Season 12, Episode 3 - SHARKNADO 2: "I Want to Meet the Cow that Made This."

Greetings, Project Runway Fans!

Curl up with a nice bowl of frozen yogurt and let's dive into this week's show.....


I was a little worried about having Project Runway contestants try and make the sequel to the SciFi Channel phenomenon in less than 2 days.  I shouldn't have worried, though.  They were sponsored by Yoplait, which is on a very earworm-y ad campaign to tout their new frozen yogurt.   What could have put this episode completely over the top would have been to use the auto-tune mike for the designer confessionals.

The suits at Yoplait don't wear suits, apparently.

I guess the idea here was to film the sequel in Coney Island, because Coney Island, like frozen yogurt, is fun.  Also, because Coney Island is near the ocean, where all the sharks are.

It was so nice of the folks at Yoplait and Project Runway to give us a sneak peek behind-the-scenes as they made the movie.  I can't wait to see it on SciFi when it comes out.

So the challenge was to peddle some new Yoplait frozen yogurt on the boardwalk at Coney Island and get ideas from the visitors about what the plot of the movie should be.

"Hmm...I guess I didn't need to unpack my adjectives."

They had 15 minutes...or maybe it was 20, to write the script.

They filmed the scary storm scene at Luna Park, which looks menacing to me, even when it's not in the midst of a shark-infested storm.

They're really not the best actors.
Here's a couple of action shots of them running from the Sharknado.

They will add the Sharknado in using CGI later, so no actual sharks or tornados are harmed during the making of the movie.

So the plot goes something like this.

The designers try shooting cannons of frozen yogurt at the sharks.  
Then, they try setting up a blockade with carnival toys.
But the sharks just keep coming. 

Then, Tim came out with the button bag
to pick who was going to die.

"Wait...I didn't write that part into the script..."
Sorry, Sue.  The "suits" at Yoplait wanted a body count to get to PG 13.

The effect was....devastating.

"I'll never forget _____ as long as I live."
So who, exactly, did the sharks eat?  Near as I can tell, the plot takes a nasty twist.  The designers are paired up in teams and each team gets to dress a model using materials they found at Luna Park.  The model with the tastiest dress gets eaten by the shark, along with the tastiest designer.

Kate & Helen

Kate and Helen designed a dress out of straw sombreros that are made of poisonous reed and carcinogenic red dye.  But just to be sure, they sprayed their model with L'Oreal shark repellant and they won the challenge.  Helen got to be the team winner because, with all her tattoos, sharks would not find her tasty at all.

Alexandra and Dom

Alex and Dom designed a dress that actually looked like a hungry shark, thus scaring the real sharks away.  Very clever!

Bradon & Karen

Bradon and Karen made a couture dress out of flotsam and jetsam that was designed to look like the great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Sharks would be put off by the thought of eating even more plastic and leave the model alone.  Besides, she looks like she has tumors.  Maybe she's been eating too much Pacific plastic!

Jeremy and Ken

Jeremy and Ken made their model a pair of pants so that she could run away from the Sharknado.  Why other designers didn't do this is beyond me.

Sandro and Sue

They cleverly disguised their model to look like water so that she'd be completely invisible to the sharks.

Alex and Justin

They almost lost their model because it looked like she was wearing seaweed.  Good thing these sharks didn't like to eat their vegetables!

Which leaves us with

Miranda and Timmy

They were so color coordinated that we almost lost all three of them to the sharks!  If not for Miranda's military training, she would have been lost, too.  It's the first rule of survival: when the sharks are chasing you, you only need to be faster than the other people you are with.

So Timmy, we're sorry to see you go, but we're very confident that you'll be able to recycle and reuse your experience, parlaying it into something else.

Until next week....

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